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"Your life is designed by you as a higher self -- relax and enjoy, experience, and grow!"
-- Harry Palmer
 Michele Beisler       
Michele Beisler         Sharon DeLong
Licensed Avatar Masters/Wizards
(985) 781-2454


Michele and Sharon are licensed Avatar Masters/Wizards. They have courses in Slidell and New Orleans, LA and occasionally in Austin, TX.

Michele has been teaching the Avatar Course for three years. Prior to Avatar, Michele was a field engineer in the oil fields of Texas. After she did the Avatar Course, she was so impressed by the effectiveness of the tools, she pursued teaching the course full time to share it with the world. Now, in addition to teaching the course, she also designs web pages and also works as an engineer for NASA.

Sharon became an Avatar Master in 1999. She has since been using the tools to create peace within herself and to remove the ways she sabotages her success. She loves sharing the Avatar tools with others to assist them in making the changes they desire in their lives.

Both Michele and Sharon have been using the Avatar technology to create more successful and satisfying lives and to create deeper, more meaningful relationships.

If you would like to explore how the Avatar tools can help you create a deeper sense of peace and connection in your life, give us a call. We would love to assist you.

Current Course Schedule

Feb 16-17  ReSurfacing ®

Slidell , LA

Feb 23-24
Feb 23-Mar 4

ReSurfacing ®
Avatar ®

Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL

Mar 16-17 ReSurfacing ®

Slidell , LA

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