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What is Avatar?
How does Avatar Work?
What makes Avatar different?
What is the real work to be done on this planet?
Is Avatar a religion?
How long does it take to do the course?
What type of person does Avatar?
How will Avatar benefit me?
Who teaches the Avatar Course?
Where is the course offered?
Who is Star's Edge International?

What is Avatar?

Avatar is the most powerful, purest self-development program available. It is a series of experiential exercises that enables you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. You will experience your own unique insights and revelations. It's you finding out about you.

Avatar is a nine-day self-empowerment training delivered by a world-wide network of licensed Avatar Masters. Over 50,000 graduates from 65 countries, are enjoying the benefits of Avatar*
                                                                        *January 2000 statistic

* Would you like to be free of old restraints that make you unhappy?

* Would you like to align your beliefs with the goals you want to accomplish?

* Would you like to feel more secure about your ability to conduct your own life?

* Would you like to experience a higher, wiser, more peaceful expression of self?

* Would you like to be able to rise above the sorrows and struggles of the world and see them for what they truly are?

* Would you like to experience the state of consciousness traditionally described as enlightenment?

* Then, Avatar is for you.

How does Avatar work?

Avatar works through belief management. You can use it's tools to deliberately restructure the beliefs that form the pattern of your life.

Your own beliefs are actually the most powerful forces that influence your existence. They determine what you perceive and how you perceive it; they influence your thoughts, your expectations, and your actions. They shape your personality. They even effect the outcome of your actions and the way that others perceive you and respond to you.

Avatar helps you explore "behind the scenes" of your existence and discover the un-inspected, unconsciously-held beliefs that are causing your life to be as it is.

What makes Avatar different?

Rather than presenting you with another set of beliefs to live by, Avatar awakens you to a natural ability you already have to create and discreate beliefs. With this skill, you can restructure your life according to the blue print that you determine.

One discovery many people on the Avatar Course make is that what you are believing is less important than the fact that you are believing it. Avatar empowers you to realize that there aren't "good" beliefs and "bad" beliefs. There are only the beliefs that you wish to experience and the beliefs you prefer not to experience. You create an experience of yourself as the source, or creator, of your beliefs. From that place, it is very natural and easy to create the beliefs you prefer.

What is the real work to be done on this planet?

It's to make ourselves more aware, to remind ourselves that our essential nature is nonviolent, and to increase the amount of compassion and cooperation on the planet.

If you fired and arrow, stopped it in it's flight, and sighted along the arrow, you would see where it was going. If you stopped life in flight and sighted along it, you will see that it is headed toward an enlightened planetary civilization.

The hope of future generations is the chance we have to awaken in ourselves a consciousness that is increasingly immune to irrationality and that values wisdom.

Every person who becomes an Avatar shifts the collective consciousness toward greater tolerance and understanding. Helping yourself with Avatar helps everyone else at the same time. With Avatar everyone wins.

Anticipate and begin to celebrate the dawn of an enlightened planetary civilization.

Is Avatar a religion?

No, Avatar is not a religion. Avatar is an expedition into consciousness that you personalize according to your own needs. How far you go is a matter for you to determine. There will be no effort to indoctrinate you with any belief or truth. What you believe is what you believe, and the truth you discover is your truth. The rewards are new insights and realizations about how your life works - or why it doesn't work.

How long does it take to do the course?

The Avatar Course is presented in three sections. ReSurfacing (Section I) is offered in a two day, weekend workshop. Section II (The Exercises) takes 4 to 5 days to complete and Section III (The Rundowns) takes 2 to 4 days. The sections can be taken separately or together. Most courses offer all three sections in a 9 day format, starting on a Saturday and ending the next Sunday. The time it takes to complete the course varies depending upon the individual, but the majority of students take 9 days to complete all three sections.

What type of person does Avatar?

If you desire to liberate yourself from the struggles of life and reconnect with your spirit, then Avatar is for you. If you have a feeling that there is more to life that what you are currently experiencing, then Avatar is for you. Avatar is a path out of the muddy game of life, guiding you to a path of greater honesty and integrity with yourself and others. Honesty is a path that leads to happiness. All it takes is a desire to improve the conditions of your life.

How will Avatar benefit me?

As you proceed, you will become aware of your own creative power. It will surprise and amaze you. The Avatar exercises will bring forth a you that transcends all the ideas you've imagined yourself or the world to be. As you grow in your personal understanding of how your life works, you will begin to make changes that transform your reality.

During the course YOU master the abilities to quiet your mind, connect more deeply to your inner guidance, release limiting patterns and create what you prefer.

The tools you receive are both practical and miraculous.

Click HERE and look in the left column to read what Avatar graduates have shared about their Avatar experience.

Who teaches the Avatar Course?

Avatar is supervised by Avatar Masters trained and licensed by Star's Edge, Inc. A well-trained and disciplined Master is required to ensure that the Avatar techniques make it off the page and into your life. Sections II and III become valuable and verifiable only when they are conveyed by a Master.

Where is the course offered?

The Avatar course is offered worldwide, in 66 countries and available in 15 languages. To find a Master in Louisiana, Click Here. For a listing of Masters across the world, Click Here.

Who is Star's Edge International?

Visit the About Star's Edge page for more information.


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Avatar Success       Stories

Inner Peace

     In the past month I have discovered an inner peace I never knew existed. Before I completed The Avatar Course I was always in my head. I rarely was in my true feelings because of the pain I had always felt. First The Avatar Course and then The Master Course have taken me places I never dreamed I could go.

     P.K., California

Life Changing

     This course was a life changing experience for me. The possibilities are endless.
     The Avatar Course put me in touch with myself and others in ways that are incredible to me. I want the world to feel this feeling of oneness and completeness.

     D.B., Florida


     I am filled with excitement and calm, bubbling over like a bottle of champagne and flowing like a gentle brook. I now know what living deliberately is. It's all of the above and more, anything I create it to be. The Avatar Course is the greatest gift I have ever received. Now it's Christmas every day!

     C.L., Texas


     The movement from thinking I know the real me to feeling the real me has been the true creation of this course. It is a strength that will always be with me. My rucksack is repacked. Let the adventure continue.

     J.G., China

I Did It

     Avatar did not solve my problems. I did. Avatar did not open my soul. I did. Avatar did not show me myself. I did. Avatar did not scare me about what I would find out about myself. I did. Avatar did not force any effort or struggle. I did. Avatar did not rid me of my worries. I let them go. Avatar did not teach me how to love. It reminded me that I already knew.
     Avatar showed me the door. I had to walk through it. I hope so many more people will take the steps I took. There is nothing to fear. Remember that you do it and no one else.You will love it on the other side of the door. I will not attempt to describe it, because that would be impossible. But you will know and recognize it when you have crossed the threshold. It is a place you have been before.
     Welcome home. You did it.

     O.R., Ireland
     (17 years old)

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