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"Your life is designed by you as a higher self -- relax and enjoy, experience, and grow!"
-- Harry Palmer

Why take Avatar?

Are you ever curious about how the universe works? Or how we work in it? Why your life is the way it is? Avatar is a set of tools, or exercises that help you explore--you. To help you create what you want in life and to manage what you don't want in your life. The hardest thing about Avatar is its simplicity.

9 days......new perspective, renewed life.

What did Avatar do for me? The Avatar experience is different for everyone - it's designed to fit your personal way - what ever that is!

Having said that, for me...
I've spent years studying religions, philosophies, spiritual practices, healing modalities, mysticism - you name it - I've either done it, read about it, or I know someone who has! Something still elluded me. I didn't feel complete. I kept searching for something. With the Avatar Course, my search ended, yet my exploring had only just begun!

People ask me, "What did Avatar do for you?" I have to say, "Avatar did nothing for me, but it did give me the skills to do anything that I wanted, or nothing. My Choice. What freedom! " The whole world changed, and yet nothing but me changed. All the quotes and writings of all the teachers took on new meaning, not from an intellectual understanding, but from an experiential understanding. It was the greatest gift I ever gave to myself, my family and even to the world. I'd always heard I had to start with myself, and now I understand why.

Please contact me for more information.

Calendar of Events

July 3-11

ReSurfacing ®
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Orlando, FL*







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