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Section III, The Rundowns

"Don't let what you're being get in the way of
what you might become."

                                                            --Harry Palmer

Section III begins with a guided initiation session conducted by an Avatar Master. The initiation takes you on a tour of some of the most fundamental, transparent belief structures of consciousness. Following your initiation you are ready to explore with the Avatar Rundowns. Each rundown addresses an area of experiences, beliefs or attitudes that may be interfering with your appreciation of life.

The Body Handle Rundown produces effects similar to sensory deprivation tanking, but without risk of isolation or panic reactions, and much more quickly. This assists you in recognizing the beliefs that keep you identified with a physical body, and if you choose, show you how to function independently of a body. You experience yourself as a non-material spiritual being.

Next is the Limitations Rundown. On this rundown, you get a new look at the notion of "positive thinking" where you eliminate specific limitations that interfere with the goals that excite you and bring you to life. You will probably not choose to handle all limitations, since some serve to focus your life.

The third rundown is called the Identities Rundown. Here, you discover that your mental closets are full of costumes that you carry around and project onto the people you meet. When you get along well with people, it is generally because they are willing to wear the costume you offer them, and you are willing to wear one supplied by them. When you perceive another person without any costumes, judgments or belief filters, you perceive him or her as a spiritual being. It is a profoundly moving experience to purely perceive another being without any distortion. It is a compassionate space that some have called unconditional love.

The fourth rundown is called Persistent Mass Handle. It gently guides you into the most resisted aspects of your life. You can eliminate desires, compulsions, persistent pressures and pains that may have seemed beyond your control. This is a very powerful process and produces amazing life-changing results.

The fifth and sixth rundowns are called respectively Universe Handle and Collective Consciousness Handle. You do these rundowns after you have resolved your own personal conflicts and wish to help the collective conscoiusness of life.

In the Universe Handle process, you learn that all things are connected at some level of consciousness. In a sense, there is no individual consciousness, only segments of collective consciousness. With this exercise, you work on locating the limits that prevent you from joining the collective consciousness and operating within it. This is a very high state of attainment, and students will vary in their ability and willingness to employ this technique.

With the Collective Consciousness Handle, you can eliminate the beliefs that cause separation, and experience a collective consciousness. You can change any beliefs that you may have that separate you from pure creative awareness -- the Aware Will.

The last exercise is aptly named The Ultimate Process, and is guided by an Avatar Master.


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